Like you I have a passion for Herpa Models, I have been retailing these wonderful models since 1996 in the UK and 2004 in Poland.

Times have changed and the modellers way of purchasing has changed to and sadly a visit to the local model shop is a dying pleasure its a fact.... the like of internet shopping are replacing the traditional over the counter sale.

We have created our new store combining our extensive knowledge and care for Herpa Models gained from over the counter sales in the UK and Poland over all these years.

Our aim is to continue to give our customers New and Past a chance now to purchase from us via a one stop online shopping site.

Herpa Online is fully independent and purchases all its models direct from Herpa via our two accounts with Herpa

Each model is checked by us for quality when it arrives and again when it shipped to you - except that of sealed products.

We are also adding Herpa's New release items now and this gives you the chance to pre-order to ensure you get the model of your choice.

Countries of delivery - for now we have added in Europe as we get to grips with how our sales will go, but if you from another country don't worry just email us - I am sure we will be able to assist you make your purchase.

If you have any questions - please email mail at

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site

Hope to hear form you soon


Ps. Our new site is changing all the time with amendments to text, layout and images - so as we get older we hope we make our site even better - book mark us for your future reference