Terms and Conditions of ordering on line via an internet connection with Herpa Online Store


1st January 2021 updated

Please note that due to taxation and or/both import/return duties the customer is importer (or exporter for item returns) and responsible for all additional costs that my be incurred (such as tax, duties, handling fees or any other fee/cost so levied upon the order) upon your order's travel to you or that of an order you return to us.  This situation is caused by the United Kingdom leaving the European Union forcing such changes upon you and this business. Please note, that with immediate effect, we no longer deduct VAT from items or services we retail


The following Terms and Conditions apply only to the pages of this online store - please note if ordering by phone or mail, different Terms and Conditions will apply.


This site is hosted in the UK and managed by English personnel, the primary language is English in all emailed communications.


All products listed on this site are described in the information 'in stock' or 'not in stock', 'please order" or other written data. You can also place advance orders for new release products that interest you which are not yet available from the manufacturer.


All product information - including pricing - on the pages of our catalog are only an invitation to tender at no time are you entering into any contract and your order can be canceled in with UK law (where UK is not a member of the EU) or EU law as so required.

(In regard to polish law - Art. 71 of the Civil Code) and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 61. The Civil Code)


Price advised at point of making an order on this website (Herpa Online Store) is the price you will pay (subject to section 1), we reserve the right to amend the price due to money exchange rate variations.  We reserve the right to cancel the order without further notice to the customer. Transactions are undertaken PLN, Euro and GBP via Paypal and in some EU countries by bank transfer only in currency as shown on the web site.


Orders placed will normally be processed within 10 - 30 working days from the time your order is received.  New Releases will be supplied as and when they become available. In some instances an orders may take longer due to security reasons. 


Online orders can be made by creating an account on our site.  The creation of the account is currently free of charge.


Payment for goods ordered online via an internet connection can be made by:

- Paypal - option for all customers around the world

- Bank transfer - for Polish customers residing and paying via a Polish Bank Account (payment must be received within 4 days, otherwise the order is cancelled)


We reserve the right to cancel any customer account, refuse or cancel any order or the supply of goods without notice or reason to the customer.


Where possible an automated e-mail will be sent to you informing you that we have received your online order.


All prices on our website include UK VAT - 20%


This site is for end user customer purchases (B2B please see term 8b)


Business 2 Business transactions should not be undertaken on this site as VAT will be charged for all EU Countries (Including the United Kingdom), we may not be able to supply due to breach of Manufacturer trading terms, this site is not designed for business 2 business transactions.  - please contact us directly.


Delivery and packing of goods will be at cost + VAT to Member states of the EU. The delivery method will be that as used by us and may change without prior notice to you.


In the Territory of the United Kingdom the customer may cancel the order at any time but not after 14 days of receipt of the order.  A full refund will be given (cost of goods and postage as stated on the order) for the order in full; however the customer will be required to pay the return post and packing costs.  The returned order must be free from damage both the article and its packaging as required.  If the customer returns the goods to which we are charged carriage, then we reserve the right to charge back the same + VAT and deduct from the refund value as required.  The customer must return the goods before any refund wil be implemented.  This right is cancelled if you place an order and then collect the order in person from a dispatching office.


These Terms and Conditions are cancelled if you place an order and then collect the order in person from a dispatching office.


We reserve the right to change the content of these Regulations without having to notify past or current users of this site.


Any changes that are undertaken shall be made in accordance with current trends, British Law, Polish law, the European Union Law and other legal authorities as required.

Errors and omissions excepted

Due to the vast change of legal rules and regulations being forced upon businesses since 01/01/2021 these terms and conditions are being updated daily or as when new information to hand becomes relevant to these terms and our trading situations.