* Herpa Trucks 306492 Scania R `09 winter services


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Herpa Trucks 306492  Scania R `09 winter services

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This winter service model features a Scania driver’s cab, and is released with the familiar spreader attachment and the articulated dozer blade.

Through the images we have shown - we assist you in assembly of this fine model.  A sharp modelling knife and tweezers are required please note no glue as Herpa parts are designed to push fit together

Take your time, don't hurry as this is always when something will get broken

So here we go......

Remove items from the container

Remove carefully the tailgate barrier at the reverse of the trailer (keep it safe for future use as required), this will allow the Gritter Unit to be placed into the 2 locating holes.

add the Snow Plough to the frame

add frame and Snow Plough to underside of lorry body locating the lugs in the holes as required

Carefully cut off the flags from their fret and push fit into each end of the Snow Plough in holes so provided

Note : in our images you can see the Gritter Unit mounted on 4 black leg stands, you can cut these of the fret to create a free standing Gritter Unit (as seen in Summer time)

Wing mirrors can be added - we carefully cut them off the fret and added them to our model to show you how it looks like (take care not to drop them) the wing mirrors once free from their fret and cleaned up will push fit into the cab in the holes provided.  Note each side has a different mirror.

Now you should have your model looking like our one in the picture.

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